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This is what not giving up looks like...

Just another one of my awesome members representing Donna Fullhart is our 30 day shred challenge winner. Losing 13.2LBS during the 30 day challenge! Go ahead...check out the pics and the numbers, the overall loss is amazing!

  • Down 60.6LBS total -- from 258.4 to 197.8!

  • Body fat down 16.1%!

  • BMI Down 10.5!

With or without the challenge, she’s killing it! This is what not giving up looks like!!!!

We are running 30 day challenges all year. All buy-in proceeds are being donated to the “building tiny homes for homeless” project held by Terre Haute Area Association of REALTORS. Congratulations to everyone who who participated! We had some amazing results from others as well, everyone gained new knowledge, and our support system got even stronger. Win Win!

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